We lost a great one this past week and nothing makes sense. Neil Mahoney was one of the kindest, warmest, saintly and devastatingly talented people the world has ever met. I wish I knew him better. I knew him well enough to know all these things. I loved seeing him at parties and knowing I was safe to breathe and be me. He was an anchor for so many. A mentor for as many people as he could reach. A god-honest example of how to be human at a time and in a place where anonymity and self-involvement are king in equal measure to living a balanced life. He didn’t live like that. He gave. He thought of people randomly. He showed up. He was insanely successful, a masterful and highly respected editor and director. But every time we talked about work, it seemed like it was all in the backseat of what was really important. He was right. I should’ve asked him more about movies. TV shows he liked. I should’ve asked him about his whittling skills. I wish I had more time. I wish we all did. He was only in his early 40’s. I wish I knew him better but I knew him well enough to realize he was special. I’m glad he had his brother-friends like Jonah and Cash. I’m glad they had him, too. I’m mad beyond words. Sad for his story to stop so short. Grateful for his example and the legacy that will live on beyond it.

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I love you, Neil. You were good.

Photo by Aaron Baker