I Love You All

But we're off this week

Hello hello and welcome to The JP Pick! Usually, this is where I would prep you with a one-liner about what you’re generally in store for this week’s newsletter — but not this time! The truth is…

Mama’s tired. After non-stop pandemic workaholic hustling where weekdays melted into weekends and “hammock time” feels very much a thing of the not-so-distant past, I’m wading through burn-out, y’all. And also wrapping up work in a hyper-crunch to the end of the fiscal year.

So! I’m putting this week on pause. Nothing big or weird or scary! Just a little breath between newsletters — and while I’m taking a breather, feel free to take this time to take a breather yourself! You’ve more than earned it. Jesus Christ. Woof. And various other NSFW phrases I’d like to insert here.

See ya soon! xo Julia